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Worldwide availability of pharmaceuticals has improved the quality and longevity of life. Along with this progress has come the challenging task for the Drug Enforcement Administration to assure these drugs are not diverted into illegal markets. Diversion Investigators are a special group of people who must explore the complexities of corporate accountability systems in order to verify their effectiveness and to be vigilant in shipments of chemicals coming into and leaving this country. It is a daunting task which requires an analytical mind, tenacity and the ability to see through the obvious.
Investigators sift through records Pharmacists demonstrate their methods of controlling drugs Investigators inspect a crime scene
Diversion Investigators sift through pharmaceutical records and supplies to determine their authenticity. Pharmacists are often required to demonstrate their methods of dispensing and controlling drugs to Diversion Investigators. Diversion Investigators are sometimes called on to inspect crime scenes when there are large quantities of chemicals found at the site. Often legal drugs are used to create illegal substances.