Harry Jacob Anslinger Remembering

Anslinger at Home on Pine Street in Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania. Date unknown.

Following his retirement from professional life, Anslinger settled down in his hometown of Hollidaysburg. He reminisced that he “was born and raised here, these are good people, nice people to talk to in a pleasant town.”

Galley Proof from Marquis Who's Who, Inc., for Anslinger, Harry Jacob. Addressed to Mr. Joseph Anslinger for the late Harry Jacob Anslinger. Text lists Anslinger's many accomplishments.

Listing for Anslinger in Who’s Who. 1976.

Letter on Senate of Pennsylvania stationery. Condolences resolution dated December 10, 1975. For Harry Anslinger..

Pennsylvania State Senate Resolution of Condolences. December 10, 1975.

Condolence card, There is so little one can say,/So little one can do,/ But you are not alone,/for others/Share your loss with you./With Deepest Sympathy

Condolence Card on the Passing of Harry Anslinger. 1975.

Sent to Joseph Anslinger on the death of his adopted father. Harry J. Anslinger passed away on November 14, 1975 from heart failure at the age of 83. At his request the funeral was closed to the public.

Front page of International Drug Report, December 1975. Cover had portrait photograph of Anslinger,

International Drug Report. December 1975.

The magazine devoted its cover story to the passing of Anslinger and a look back at his numerous contributions to international drug law enforcement.

Mimeographed document, United Nationals Economic and Social Council, Commission on Narcotic Drugs, Fourth special session/Item 8 of the Agenda/Draft Report of the Work of the Fourth Special Session.

Photo and Minutes from the United Nations Commission Meeting, Geneva, Switzerland. 1976.

Room full of people standing at their long tables observing a moment of silence in honor of Anslinger.

The U.N. Commission on Narcotic Drugs held a moment of silence in memory of Anslinger’s passing during its February 1976 meeting.

“No other man, living or dead, has had a greater influence in stemming the illicit traffic in narcotic drugs than Harry Anslinger. He has gained ground despite the pressure of international intrigue, the ruthless menace of the underworld, and the conspiracy of communism to undermine the morale of its enemies with narcotic drugs.”

— Dr. Theodore Klumpp, December 1954

Photograph of a wall in the BLair COunty Courthouse, Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania, showing a plaque in honor of Anslinger sna a framed photograph of President John F. Kennedy giving Anslinger the Distinguished Citizen Award.

Restored Plaque Honoring Anslinger. Blair County Courthouse, Hollidaysburg, PA. 2015.

Photographs of buildings on a street in Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania. Building in middle has sign

Lusardi’s Luncheonette, Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania

Anslinger spent many days during his retirement enjoying coffee and conversation at Lusardi’s Luncheonette, a three-block walk from his house. From there he continued to correspond with friends and government leaders. Today the storefront houses a law office.