Illegal Drugs in America

Teacher Resources

Elementary Museum Activity sheet

This 4-page Museum Activity sheet is for use by elementary students ages 8-12, or in 3rd-6th grades. It is to be used during a class visit to the Illegal Drugs in America exhibit. For a longer activity guide, you can download the Junior Special Agent booklet.

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Illegal Drugs in America Standards of Learning

The Illegal Drugs Standards of Learning (SOLs) provide educators with a comprehensive list of both Virginia and National Standards that can be utilized while visiting the Illegal Drugs exhibit.

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Student Activities

Junior Special Agent Booklet

Junior Special Agent Booklet – Grades 3-6: This 12 page booklet has a variety of activities for students who are visiting theIllegal Drugs in America exhibit at the DEA Museum. Once the required activities are completed, students will receive a Junior Special Agent Certificate.

Museum Activity Sheet

Museum Activity Sheet – Grades 3-6: Don’t have time for 12 pages? Then the 4-page Museum Activity Sheet may be the perfect solution.

Illegal Drugs in America Student Activity Guide

Illegal Drugs in America Student Activity Guide – High School

Illegal Drugs Crossword Puzzle

Illegal Drugs Crossword puzzle Puzzle difficulty: Hard. Are you up to the challenge? Try out this Illegal Drugs crossword puzzle to test your skills – it is harder than it looks! If you find yourself stumped, the answer sheet.

Museum Scavenger Hunt

Museum Scavenger Hunt – all ages. Download this fun scavenger hunt before your visit to the DEA Museum. Identify and record the objects that are found in and around the Museum and Visitor Center. Be vigilant, be sharp, and look everywhere!