From Addiction to Zig-Zag and Everything in Between: Artifacts from the DEA Museum Collection

October 30, 2018

Drug misuse, addiction, and rising numbers of drug overdose deaths affect millions of Americans daily. Understanding the history, causes, and consequences of addiction helps the public to better understand the problem as well as proposed solutions.

The Drug Enforcement Administration Museum’s collection of nearly 5,000 artifacts documents the history of drug policy, drug law enforcement, drug addiction, and drug education in the United States. Museum programs, exhibits, and educational outreach support the DEA’s mission to enforce controlled substances laws and regulations of the United States and reduce the use and availability of illicit controlled substances.

The DEA Museum’s Director and chief curator, Laurie A. Baty, brings six of the Museum’s most interesting artifacts out of their cases to demonstrate a tangible connection to the problem of illicit drugs as well as the stories of the men and women who enforce drug laws.

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