Disrupt, Dismantle, and Destroy: The Kingpin Strategy

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Former Administrator Robert C. Bonner joins us in the first installment of the Drug Enforcement Administration Museum & Visitor Center’s fiscal year 2021 lecture series Disrupt, Dismantle, and DestroyMr. Bonner will speak about leading DEA as it put the “Kingpin Strategy” into place in the early 1990s to combat violent and powerful drug trafficking organizations.

The Kingpin Strategy attacks drug organizations’ most vulnerable areas-leadership, production, distribution, and assets. DEA designed the strategy to weaken, destroy, and dismantle major drug trafficking organizations. 

Speaking alongside Administrator Bonner is retired DEA Regional Director Jay Bergman. Mr. Bergman was the longest-serving regional director in the history of DEA, and was stationed in Bogota, Colombia, from 2006-2015. He will talk about the evolution and success of the strategy during his time in Colombia.

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