Entrance to the Museum. Two storefronts, each with a door to the left. The storefront to the left is a 1970s head shop with various drug paraphernalia including rolling papers, bongs, and roach clips. The store front to the right is a 1940s drug store. In the window are toys, soda fountain items, personal hygiene materials. At the top right a sign reads Illegal Drugs in America: A Modern History.

Lecture Series

Lecture Series The DEA Museum Lecture Series provides a fascinating insiders look at key moments in drug law enforcement history.

Elevation view of the DEA wall of honor. It is a wood cabeinet, open front, with the photographs and names of fallen DEA employees.

2017 DEA Memorial Service

2017 DEA Memorial Service The DEA Memorial service is held every year in May during National Police Week. The service pays tribute to the men and women of DEA and its predecessor agencies who have lost their lives while on duty. They have made the ultimate sacrifice for drug law enforcement and for our country.